My Hive Blew-Over

My Hive Blew-OverThe Monday morning after the weekend’s storms about two weeks ago, I received a phone call. It was the farmer upon whose land my hive sits. He rang to tell me that my hive was upside-down and he could see bees and comb. I dropped everything, and rushed to my apiary on a mercy mission to rescue the bees.

When I got to my apiary the up-ended hive did show signs of life. I opened the crown board and the several bees come-up and at me. I suffered a sting to my ear before even had a chance to run to cover.

I shortly returned to the hive but his time with my bee-suit. I carefully re-assembled the hive back on the stand. Luckily, it was a very mild February morning and I don’t think the hive lost too much heat.

At this point in time I have no idea whether the hive is queen-right. Fingers-crossed that all will be well with this colony of bees in the spring.


Up-Ended Hive


3 thoughts on “My Hive Blew-Over

  1. Oh no! I hope all is well with your bees…A friend keeps bees on our land, and I’ve been rather nervously having a peek at the hives after each of the recent storms. So far they’ve all stayed upright, but they are in a fairly sheltered spot!

  2. Poor bees. As if winter isn’t hard enough to deal with. My fingers are crossed for their survival.

  3. Poor bees. I’m always nervous for mine when the wind’s howling outside. Hope they’re doing ok now.

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