Summer Solstice at White Horse Hill, Uffington

Saluting the Sun - Dragon Hill, Uffington
Saluting the Sun – Dragon Hill, Uffington

I live in Wantage which is near to an ancient chalk carving called White Horse Hill.  It is believed that White Horse Hill was used as a hillfort, one of a line of hill forts along a byway called the Ridgeway.  Adjacent to the White Horse Hill is a man-made hill called Dragon Hill and it is here that Druids come to perform rituals during the solstices.

Today is the Summer Solstice and I left my home at 4am this morning in order to catch the sunrise from Dragon Hill; the sunrise was to occur at 4:43am.  The White Horse Hill/Dragon Hill/Uffington Hill Fort is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  It is a place of beauty, it has a long history and many traditions.  This no doubt inspires people to come to visit.  Its beauty and history make the area a magnet for the curious and the spiritually minded.

From the carpark at White Horse Hill, it is a five minute walk to Dragon Hill.  I was lucky enough to see Druids performing ritual as the sun came up.  It was an unforgettable experience.


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