Bees Inside Trees

A Colony of Honeybees inside a Paulownia Tree, East Hendred, Oxfordshire, England.
A Colony of Honeybees inside a Paulownia Tree, East Hendred, Oxfordshire, England.


I was running a stall on Saturday at the WCS Cream Teas.  The host of the event got talking to me about her bees.  At the end of the event she took me to a paulownia tree and in a crevice in the base of the tree a stream of honeybees could be seen.

This fascinated me because I have read that the honeybee’s native habitat was the forest but I had never seen honeybees live inside a tree for real.  England has very little of its ancient woodland left and so gnarly old trees with a cavity inside them are uncommon and so seeing honeybees living inside a tree is a rarity.  Chimneys are the nearest things honeybees get to native habitat where I live!

Today, honeybees and beekeepers have a symbiotic relationship; the beekeeper provides the home and the honeybees provide the honey.

Please also see my six-minute video.  I go close-up on the bees half-way through.  Please enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bees Inside Trees

  1. How wonderful! Wild bees are becoming increasingly rare. They just can’t survive the pesticides we spray and now that the varroa mite is all over Europe, they really struggle. This is great to see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Charlton Estate Trust 2 July 2014 — 4:13 pm

      I think bees will probably out-survive us humans, even though they are facing a multitude of challenges at the moment, most of them brought about by humans one way or another.

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