“Hello, is Mr Woodley at home?”

Each time I visited Worlds End, I badly wanted to knock on Mr Woodley’s door; I don’t know what stopped me on previous occasions but because I was armed with the 1896 photo and a copy of my extracts from ‘Notes by the Way’ I had a little more confidence.

Today I knocked on the door; the door opened but it wasn’t Mr Woodley.  I showed the current owner the 1896 photo and after a fair amount of talking about Mr Woodley, the gates to the magic kingdom opened!

I was able to take some photos and some of them I will share with you today.  I kind of wish it was winter because the leaves on the trees do obscure a lot of detail.  Oh yeah, do you remember ‘Dr Who’? – every couple of series the Doctor would regenerate, well perhaps today so did Mr Woodley…

[keep scrolling down the page]

Regeneration 0 percent[keep scrolling]

Regeneration 25 percent

[don’t stop keep scrolling]

Regeneration 50 percent

[and again]


Regeneration 75 percent

[nearly done]

Regeneration 100 percent


5 thoughts on ““Hello, is Mr Woodley at home?”

  1. It was worth plucking up the courage to knock. Was the present occupant at all aware of Mr. Woodley?

    1. Charlton Estate Trust 13 August 2014 — 10:15 am

      Very much so, although I think she hadn’t seen my 1896 photo or the commentary I made on ‘Notes by the Way’. The owner, Liz, showed me the deeds of Garden Cottage, and it would appear that Mr Woodley rented garden cottage.

  2. Brilliant! It’s incredible just how many hives Mr Woodley squeezed into that space. Can I ask what software you used to do the photo overlaying?

    1. Charlton Estate Trust 13 October 2014 — 11:35 am

      I use Microsoft Expression Design. And with the overlaid photograph, I changed to opaqueness to get the desired effect.

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