Those Magnificent Men Passing Crossing Cottage

In 1965 the film, ‘Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines’ was released.  In the film there is a short clip which shows Crossing Cottage and I would speculate that this clip was shot in 1964.  The clip is 55 minutes into the film and lasts for about 10 seconds.  Here is that clip of the film which is shown frame by frame in the slideshow below.

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  1. Frank Whittle · February 24, 2015

    If I remember rightly a family called the hegarty’s used to live on that crossing, used to go to school with one of the sons called Andrew!!

    • Charlton Estate Trust · February 24, 2015

      You are right, the Hegarty’s did live at Compton Crossing. If you go to the ‘Gallery’ of this webiste then ‘Compton Crossing’ there is a photograph of Mrs Hegarty – it is next to the photograph of Mr and Mr Dyer at the Crossing Gates. If you have any photographs to share on Compton Crossing I would be very pleased to see them :).
      On a different topic. I am doing research into a beekeeper called Mr Woodley who lived at Worlds End Beedon. I am currently looking for photographs of Worlds End/Beedon/Stanmore before 1980 to help me with my research. If you have or you know someone who might have such photographs in an old album somewhere, please let me know.
      Kind regards

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