Mr Woodley Timeline

9 March 1846 William Woodley born in Oxford.

1852 Mr Woodley’s mother dies and he is placed in the care of his great-aunt (Marth Brind) who lives in Stanmore, Beedon. At Beedon, his services were ‘were requisitioned during the six or seven weeks of each succeeding swarming season called “mindin’ the bees”.

1853 Annie Maria is born (future wife of Mr Woodley)

1853 T.J. Heard graduates from Worcester College, Oxford, with a B.A.

1854 T.J. Heard Ordained by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Serves in the Rectory curacy of
St James, Taunton.

1856 Mrs Woodley is born.

1856 T.J. Heard graduates with a M.A.

1856 – 1873 T.J Heard serves in Beedon.

1859 Mr Woodley was apprentice to a firm of grocers at Chieveley.

1861 Census
Mr Woodley is living at the Grocers and Bakers Establishment, Chieveley Street, Chieveley. He is working as an errand boy.

1866 Mr Woodley Joins another firm in Slough, Bucks.

186? Mr Woodley returns to Beedon as a clockmaker.

1871 Census Mr Woodley is living in Stanmore, Beedon with his uncle John (aged 75) and aunt Martha (71).

1872 Mr Woodley is married to Annie Maria

1873 T.J Heard was presented to the Rectory of Sherrington.

1875 Martha Brind (Mr Woodley’s aunt) dies.

1876 (5 April) Elizabeth Annie Woodley (daughter of Mr Woodley) is born at Worlds End. She is baptised on 11 June 1876.

1878 Mr Woodley adopts the frame-hive.

1879 John Brind (Mr Woodley’s uncle) dies at Stanmore aged 80 (Newbury Weekly News 3 July 1879).

1881 Census Mr Woodley and family are living in Worlds End. He describes himself as a watchmaker. He live with his wife Annie, his son Francis (aged 7) and daughter Elizabeth (aged 5)

1889 Mr Woodley’s artwork presented to Queen Victoria at Windsor by the B.B.K.A.

1891 Census Mr Woodley and family living in Worlds End. He describes is occupation as Watchmaker and Beekeeper. Living with his wife Annie, and son Francis (aged 17) is a grocers assistant.

1891 Mr Woodley takes first prize at the exhibition at South Kensington – ‘his fine glass super becoming the talk of the neighbourhood at the time’.

1891 onwards Mr Woodley keeps 140 – 200 stocks (beehives).

21 January 1897 Mr Woodley appears in the The British Bee Journal, ‘Homes of the Honey Bee’.
Mr & Mrs Woodley’s Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Brief mention that Mr Woodley had a son.
The article refers to an out apiary at at Stanmore of sixty hives. See conveyance of 1923.

1901 Census
Mr and Mrs Woodley are living at the Cottage, Wesleyan Chapel, Worlds End. Mr Woodley describes himself as a watchmaker and beefarmer.

1903 Mr and Miss Woodley attend presentation to the retiring postmaster Mr W.E.Goodman.

April 1904 Mr Woodley’s wife dies at Worlds End and is buried 4 May 1904.

Mr Woodley’s daughter took up the home duties and helped with the bees.
On Mr Woodley’s daughter’s marriage, Mr Woodley marries again to a ‘lady whom he had known from childhood’.

31 August 1905 Elizabeth Annie Woodley is married to Walter Brice Edward Goodman at
St Nicholas Church, Beedon.

20 May 1909 Rev T.J. Heard dies at 81.

13 January 1923 Mr Woodley sells two Cottages at North Stanmore Farm to Mr Arthur Thomas Loyd for £240.

1923 Mr Woodley dies at Newbury District Hospital at the aged of 78.


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